If you'd like to give us a present, feel free to give anything you'd like, we love that you're thinking of us! Our general aesthetic for home decor includes Parisian Antiques like the ones found at Vignettes, anything creepy and kooky like the things at Junc, and unusual handmade things like at PopCycle and Mast. Some of our favorite things can be purchased from our Etsy registry here!

You could also contribute to some of our projects below:

Donate to Our Honeymoon!

First, you could donate to our honeymoon -- we're going to Japan! 

We don't have a complete itinerary yet but we'll start adding things here as we get closer. We plan to head out in March so we can enjoy the cherry blossom season.

Alternatively, donating to our home improvement projects would just tickle us pink!  Some of the things we're planning are a chicken coop, rain barrels, a grey water system, a clawfoot tub, built-in bookshelves in the living room, and restoring our kitchen to its original Craftsman style.

Help create our garden!
Help build a Chicken Coop!
Help Remodel our Kitchen!
Help remodel our bathroom!

Finally, we'd be honored if you would like to give a gift to a charity on our behalf.  Here are some options:

Donate to a good cause!

Option 1:  Send us a contribution, and optionally tell us where to donate it (see some ideas below), and we'll take care of the rest!

Name *

Option 2: Donate yourself, and tell us about it!  Some of the charities we like are (you can click on the links):